July 18, 2014

Common Brand Storytelling Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Brand StorytellingThere are a few common brand storytelling mistakes that you’ve probably seen even from some of your favorite brands. In order to avoid the same fate and end up telling a story that falls flat with your audience, here are some things to avoid when you set to work.

Lack of structure

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning is when we’re pulled in and set up for what’s going to happen. We are introduced to our main character, or who/whatever we’re going to be following. A problem emerges toward the middle, so the end can explore how the problem was solved and potential aftermath.

Without some kind of structure, or flow, to the unfolding events, viewers are going to lose interest or be left feeling confused by what they’re watching. Set your viewers up to receive the message you’re trying to get across by creating a clear series of events for them to follow.

No emotional appeal

Part of emotional appeal means conveying your story effectively. Beyond that, are viewers going to connect with how the story’s being told? Whether or not they become invested in the what you’re showing them has to do with a variety of things, including the character you’re presenting and the way you set the mood and tone.

Once you understand the story you’re going to tell, the details like character, sound, and the scenes you’re going to use to get your message across all need to be nailed down. If you don’t have much experience with connecting with consumers this way, my advice would be to check out your favorite brands and see what they get right. More than being able to tell a story, it’s figuring out how to do so in a way that hits home and sticks with consumers so your brand is linked to that story in a positive way.


The entire point of telling your brand’s story is to show consumers who you are outside of traditional salesy marketing. The absolute worst thing you can do is put together something that misrepresents what your brand is and where you want to be headed.

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