The All-Too-Common Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The All-Too-Common Video Marketing Mistakes You Should AvoidIf you're a newcomer in the video marketing industry, it's often easy to make common mistakes that a more experienced individual wouldn't. However, that's not to say there's anything necessarily wrong with slipping up. After all, not only is it common among most inexperienced individuals, but it's all about learning from your mistakes and improving upon them. So why not use your slip-ups as a learning experience? With that said, there are two common video marketing mistakes that newcomers should be aware of and avoid making.
Quantity Over Quality
Sometimes newcomers in the video marketing industry may feel their video has to be as long as possible. However, what's important to remember is that every second of the video counts. After all, you don't want your audience to lose attention. There's nothing wrong with making a video lengthy, but make sure it has substance throughout and isn't just stretched out for the sake of doing so. However, the term "quantity over quality" also refers to newcomers who are looking to make their videos viral, right off the bat. In other words, you become so focused on getting millions of viewers, the video content isn't a priority. One should never sacrifice quality over quantity. After all, even the most successful video marketers didn't gain an audience overnight.
Too Much Information
While it's true that your audience should be interested in whatever you're aiming to market, some marketers have a tendency to make their videos too informational; to the point where it bores the audience. Your video shouldn't be purely for entertainment value, but it's important to strike a balance between both. Inform the audience of what you're marketing, but don't be afraid to engage and even entertain them either. What other mistakes or video marketing trends have you noticed lately? Comment below and let us know!