Consumer Pain: One of the Most Overlooked Video Marketing Ideas

Consumer Pain: One of the Most Overlooked Video Marketing IdeasWhen brainstorming video marketing ideas, most people think of new ways to showcase their products or explain their services. They want to create a unique video worthy of their businesses. Although this is a vital part of the process, the step that most people overlook is the one that can most drastically increase your sales. It's simple, yet powerful: Identify with your customer--and sympathize with their pain. Instead of jumping right into your product, you should demonstrate that you understand the troubles they face... and that your product is the solution they desperately need. Not sure how to approach this invaluable technique? Here are 3 key steps.
1. Imagine the daily life of your customer
Maybe you're selling customer resource management (CRM) software. Do your customers wake up worrying that they won't meet their quota this month? Is their boss criticizing their "laziness" while eating donuts in his cozy office? Simply by mentioning the troubles they face, you will establish a rapport and build trust immediately.
2. Think of the indirect problems caused by their central concern
Your CRM software customer doesn't want to make more sales simply because it's enjoyable or intrinsically rewarding. They need the money they make from their job. They want to make enough commissions to buy the car they've been saving up for. They want to be the most successful person in their neighborhood. Not making enough sales is so much more critical than a simple number on a spreadsheet: it's their livelihood and well-being. Focus on the side effects of the problem they face.
3. Don't be afraid to overstate the problem
The worse a problem is, the more valuable the solution is. If your software will help someone make a few more sales this month, so what? If your software will get them their dream car, let them keep their home, and be the success story of their town... you are indispensable. Simply by reminding the customer of these problems, you will give them the motivation to solve them -- by purchasing your product.