Corporate Video Marketing: 4 Undeniable Reasons People Hate It

Video MarketingViewers hate corporate video marketing for a lot of reasons. Some of that hatred stems from the recycling of ideas and themes in video. Other reasons are a little more complex, and speak to a lack of trust in the brand, or a disconnect between brand image and what's being promoted in the video. Let's break down four of the reasons people hate corporate video marketing, and what you should be doing to avoid it.

Lack of creativity

Sometimes it can start feeling like a race to see who can throw the most content at their following. There's pressure to establish a presence on the right social media platforms, and then produce the best content. Instead of getting caught up in how much you should be producing compared to your peers, start by putting effort into what you're putting out there. Pull your team together for brainstorming sessions where everyone's ideas can be discussed and evaluated. It's up to you to encourage an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing all of their ideas, even the not-so-good ones. It's to your advantage to foster a comfortable team environment, so you end up with ideas that are fresh and don't leave viewers tuning out.

No information

Goofy, off-beat videos can work out really well in a brand's favor. But, for the most part, if you're a small business and don't fill your video with any relevant information, what are you accomplishing? There's a way to fill your audience in without boring them to tears. Even if it's a link at the end, or similar call-to-action to let them know what the purpose was. There's a balance between entertaining and informing that you have to find to make sure the video is accomplishing what you need it to.

Making wild or untrue claims

Can you blame consumers for being fed up with videos that make false claims? Bending the truth is dangerous territory when you're putting your brand's image, and the trust people have in it, on the line. Instead of blurring the lines between fib and reality, consider why it is you're tempted to lie, and what you're lying about. If you're talking a big talk about your customer service, and the reality is that you have a handful of reviews saying something to the contrary, it's time to do some evaluating! Make the commitment to improve whatever needs work about your brand, so the next time you consider talking about it, you'll be telling the truth when you talk it up.


How you're talking to viewers, or what tone is coming across, is just as important as what you're talking about. A common mistake is to talk down to them, or assume they won't notice your tone, when quite the opposite is true! Viewers will pick up on any condescension and won't hesitate to tune out what you're saying. Be aware of how you come across to viewers. Take a look at your use of humor, and other ways that you convey meaning. It's a good idea to have more than one pair of eyes looking at the details of your video marketing efforts, and looking at tone is no exception.