3 Creative Video Marketing Ideas That Work Like Magic

3 Creative Video Marketing Ideas That Work Like MagicNowadays, it seems everyone is integrating video into their marketing efforts. But sometimes it can be difficult to continue to come up with creative ideas for your videos or overall strategy. Plus, you want to actually create videos that are impactful for your not just your business, but your audience(s) as well. To help boost awareness and sales for your business, here are a few creative video marketing ideas that work like magic:
1. Create video lead magnets
Every business is offering ebooks or guides as free lead magnets to gain email subscribers and generate leads. A twist on this is to create video lead magnets where you utilize these clips to hook potential new clients. Take some of your best performing text lead magnets and turn them into a video format where you discuss the key takeaways from the information. You could even do this as a series of videos and create a free video mini-course that generates new leads and ultimately drums up new sales. (Remember, the shorter, the better!)
2. Record and stream daily Facebook Live videos
Create daily Facebook Live videos discussing key topics that are important to your customers. You can even do this as a daily show with a particular theme. For example, let's say that you have an apparel company. By creating daily Facebook Live videos, you can reveal and talk about the designs of a new shirt each day. You can then repurpose these talks and post them on your other social channels.
3. Incorporate exclusive offers in your videos
Limit your video to a particular audience and then offer that audience an exclusive deal. For instance, you could use a platform like Snapchat and give your followers there an exclusive discount or promotional code they can use to buy your new product. Of course, you can then cross-promote across multiple channels to build up your following in other places as well. By implementing these creative ideas into your video marketing, you can begin growing your audience and increasing sales for your business. What other creative video marketing ideas have helped move the needle for your business? Comment and let us know!