August 24, 2013

[Customer Spotlight] Milwaukee Social Media

Phil Gerbyshak, Milwaukee Social Media

Every so often we invite our customers to tell their stories. Today’s spotlight is on Milwaukee Social Media, a social media training, speaking and strategy agency in…you guessed it…Milwaukee! Click here if you’re interested in getting your story published…

Tell us a little about your company.
Need to know how to use the latest social media tools to connect to your prospects and convert them to customers? We can do that!

What makes your company different from other companies in the market?
We’ve been on the Internet since before Al Gore invented it. Our founder used to deliver e-mail, by hand, in the 90s. We focus on straight forward, no fluff ways you can use social media to grow your business. We are really interested in the way marketing has changed in the last few years.

What has changed for you as far as your marketing efforts are concerned?
Video is so much more important than it was even 12 months ago, and we’ve had to adapt to that. Podcasts are also important, and we’re pushing resources into both channels this year. Any channel that you just broadcast and pretend to be personal works even less than effectively than it used to.

How long have you been using Bravo, and how are you integrating the user-generated video platform into your marketing efforts?
I’ve been using Bravo for 12-15 months. I use the platform to capture and give testimonial videos. I’ve embedded the testimonials on my website, on my LinkedIn profile, and use them in my corporate newsletters.

Any final thoughts?
The Bravo platform is affordable and extremely easy to use. The videos are portable and can be put on my YouTube channel. Any support I’ve needed (which admittedly was because of something I overlooked) has been done quickly, effectively, and with a smile. Simply put – Bravo does the hard work for me so I don’t have to.

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