June 28, 2012

Feature Update: Customer Support Center + Knowledgebase

Customer Support Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Support Center. We’ve been testing help desk software for months, and we finally made the decision to partner with Zendesk.

Here’s why:

    • It’s easy to use. For us, and our customers. Zendesk is loved for its simplicity and practicality, as well as its effectiveness. It’s built for scale; as we grow, it grows, so we can continue to provide excellent service as we expand. Thanks to their detailed reports and analytics, Zendesk gives us access to key information, which in turn helps us to provide more efficient service.


    • It’s super fast. The #1 indicator of poor customer satisfaction is slow first response time. Their lightning-fast interface allows us to provide swift and effective service to numerous customers at the same time.


    • It’s extremely reliable. Over 65 million people around the world receive support from Zendesk-powered platforms, and they have a solid history of maintaining 99.9% uptime. In partnering with Zendesk, we’re joining a community of over 15,000 businesses that provide excellent support to their customers.


  • Customers can use their existing credentials for access. Zendesk gives new meaning to the word “convenience” by allowing us to integrate their software directly into our customers’ account dashboards. What, you didn’t think we’d actually make our customers remember 2 sets of login credentials, did you?

Thanks to Zendesk, we now have a stronger support foundation for our customers, and can provide them with a simple and convenient way to access our team online.

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