September 4, 2014

Decoding What the Voice of the Customer Is Telling You

Voice Of The CustomerVoice of the customer questions are set up so you can get an overall feeling about how your brand is perceived, and whether consumers feel a connection, or use your service merely out of necessity. The key to unlocking what they have to say is understanding how it correlates to changes you can make, in order to better serve their needs.

What you ask: If consumers feel a sense of loyalty toward your brand

If you find that consumers aren’t giving high marks for loyalty to your brand, there could be a variety of reasons for that. It means taking a look at your brand and understanding whether it’s a case of you not sending a clear message about who you are as an organization, or the message your sending doesn’t line up with what your customers are experiencing when they work with you.

It’s up to your team to follow up and dedicate some time to figuring out where the disconnect is and how it can be fixed. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to lose support, and make the problem worse in the process.

What you ask: How satisfied are consumers with the value of your product or service

If consumers give you high rating on this one – congratulations! You’re meeting their needs in a way that is likely to keep them coming back.

If you’re not scoring so high, there’s been a breakdown somewhere between what you promise and how your product or service performs. Every time your brand fails to deliver what you promise, your credibility is taking a hit. There are bound to be glitches that come up with any product or service. Mistakes and mix ups happen. What’s important is how often do they happen, and do you actively work to fix them so they don’t happen again? If not, you’ve just found your problem.

What you ask: Our team is knowledgeable and friendly

Many brands out there would not get high marks for customer service. The reason? It’s not prioritized, which leads to disastrous encounters with the people we should be treating with respect and kindness. If your customer service isn’t at its best, the reality is that you need to put the work in to make it better. A lot of brands make empty promises about putting emphasis back on customer service, but without any follow through, you’re not doing your customers or your brand any favors.

What you ask: Would consumers refer your brand to friends

This question can be viewed as the culmination of the other questions you ask, and statements you ask consumers to rank. Without customer loyalty, which includes their satisfaction and top notch customer service, the chance of them feeling like they’d be doing their friends a favor by referring you is slim and none.

It’s up to you to look at the questions you’re asking and how you can use responses to make your brand the best it can be. One of the worst things you can do is gather this information and then never use it. Ask the questions, mull over the answers, and when you promise to do better, deliver results that’ll keep consumers coming back to your brand.

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