October 4, 2013

Do Video Testimonials Really Work For Your Business?

Do Video Testimonials Work?

Video has really come into its own as an online powerhouse for businesses. Thanks to increased access to the web with the use of phones and tablets, consumers are spending more time online before making purchasing decisions. Whether you’re selling a product or service, the question of investing time into utilizing video testimonials should also be paired with whether or not they’re effective.

So, do video testimonials really work? Short answer: Yes.

According to Invoto, over 90% of shoppers cited video as an influence in their purchase decision. Let’s explore why.

Consumers have been tuning into video more and more as each year passes. As we mentioned above, a lot of it is thanks to the portability of devices, which has made it possible for so many online shoppers to view videos from other consumers that detail the advantages of choosing one business over another, or what need a product satisfied. Consumers can now take their browsing on-the-go and businesses have tuned in to the opportunity for exposure that this connection presents.

The secret behind the appeal of testimonials is the credibility boost they provide for your product of service. Consider sites like Yelp, where consumers are able to present their experiences for others to review before making a purchasing decision. This kind of feedback has become wildly popular because it allows direct communication among consumers. It’s no longer enough to rely on text reviews to speak for the strengths of your business. Consumers like to generate the conversation and want to feel connected to your brand. The best way to do that is with video that will allow them to hear from others like them rather than paid actors through an expensive marketing campaign.

It’s also important to know that content is king. While these videos are creating the necessary connection with consumers, they are also easily shareable across multiple social media platforms. That means that one video has the power to make the rounds on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr., and other sites that your target audience frequents. One video alone can reach so many consumers, spreading the word about your brand and the quality of your product or service in a way that text testimonials won’t be able to accomplish.

Keep in mind that videos also go along way in smoothing out any fears the consumer might have while making their purchasing decision. Choosing to invest time and money into your business isn’t something that’s taken lightly. If you place video testimonials on the main page of your website, you should also be placing them on the page where they are making their purchase. Through trial and error, as well as keeping a close eye on the data, you can play around with testimonial length, content, and where to place them in order to address these fears and turn your leads into conversions.

The real advantage in asking for, displaying, and sharing video testimonials is the amount of creativity and limitless possibility they offer. It’s up to you to play around with what will work best for your business. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to push your business so it can fulfill its potential and bring satisfied customers along for the ride!

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