February 6, 2014

Does The Video Testimonial App You Use Have An Embed Function?

Video Testimonial AppWhy does it matter?

I think it’s fair to assume that you want to be in control of your video testimonials. This includes everything from how you receive them, to where they’re placed, and keeping track of content you receive.

Video testimonial apps can do a lot of work behind the scenes to make it easier for you to receive content, and easier on the clients providing it. Let’s check out how.

Embedding 101

Embedding gives you the ability to place video on your site. Instead of limiting your options to the page where the video is uploaded, you can move it from your site to a blog, or wherever you like prospective clients will check it out. Embedding is as easy as copying a code and pasting it into your blog or web software, which is pretty handy with video testimonials since they can be placed in a variety of locations.

What your app should be doing:

Automatic organization: How great would it be to have your testimonials and other campaigns organized by subject matter? Instead of having to sort through content, apps can keep everything straight, organizing each campaign so it’s a breeze to skim through. Organization isn’t everyone’s strong suit. And if it isn’t yours, an app can mean no more digging through or struggling to come up with a way to keep things in order.

Customer reach: Improve your reach by hitting up customers where they hang out. Apps allow you to reach out and engage through social media, email, and more. Instead of relying on them to come to you, you go to them. It makes sense on multiple levels to find out where your target audience is so you can be there, too.

Convenience: We know consumers and even our most devoted clients get turned off when they have to jump through hoops to make something happen. Apps promote convenience that consumers appreciate. It can be as easy as shooting the video and submitting the testimonial via phone app. Rather than requiring them to go to multiple sites, they can shoot and submit. Keeps it simple and stress-free!

You have control: Not every testimonial will make the cut. Sometimes the video quality is an issue, or there’s just a better video to showcase your brand being good at what you do. You app should give you the control to approve which testimonials are seen on your website and other outlets. You can also choose to include a custom logo, and make other decisions about what’s best for your brand.

The takeaway

A video testimonial app should help your marketing efforts instead of hindering them. Before you make the decision to go with one app over another, it helps to keep in mind convenience, control, and the other factors that are important to you. On the other hand, if you already have an app and find that it isn’t working so well for your needs, it can also mean checking in and re-evaluating what it could be doing better.

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