May 12, 2014

Does Video Testimonial Recorder Placement Really Matter?

Video Testimonial RecorderIs your video testimonial recorder in the best location? If you’re unsure, taking one look at your numbers will tell you all you need to know!

What to look for

If you recorder isn’t easy to find and use, your numbers are going to reflect that.

If you’re looking at the number of testimonials you’re receiving, or lack thereof, recorder placement can have a lot to do with that. Lucky for you, it’s a pretty easy fix!

Best places for your video testimonial recorder

So, your numbers aren’t looking so great. Maybe you’re even a little confused about why. Filming a video testimonial is easier than ever – so what’s the problem? Usually it’s an easy fix, as is the case with recorder placement.

There are a few places where your recorder will attract the most attention and be easiest for users to find and use.


Placing a recorder on your website is a no-brainer, right? If you have an area calling for feedback, you can place the recorder there and watch the testimonials roll in.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to direct customers to your site when you’re speaking with them. Simple, easy for them to remember and find later.


Your blog is a great place to call for video testimonials. Using your blog as a boost is great while you and your team to get in the habit of reaching out to clients for content. Reaching out and including reminders via email and on your blog can serve as a great follow up.

Make the announcement on your blog, including a link to the recorder. That way you can share the post on social media and spread the word about your new campaign.

Social media

Placing your recorder here is a must. Think about the type of engagement your brand is doing on Facebook or other platforms. If you’re connecting with your clients by providing relevant information, or addressing customer service concerns – you’re setting the stage to receive great content!

You’re also making it easy on clients. By allowing them to access the recorder via social media, shoot quick video that gets delivered to you, you’re upping the chance they’d be willing to do another testimonial in the future. No one wants to go through a complex process. So bring your testimonial recorder to them, and watch the great results pour in!

The takeaway

Playing around with your recorder location is the only way to figure out what’ll work best for your brand. What works for some isn’t guaranteed to pan out for you, so don’t be afraid to change things up and find out what you should stick with for a successful testimonial campaign.

Video Testimonial Success