May 22, 2014

Easy Video Testimonial Lighting Tips For Your Next Campaign

Video Testimonial LightingVideo testimonial lighting probably isn’t your number one concern while you’re gearing up for your first campaign. You’ve got enough on your plate, right?

Here are our tips for the best video testimonial lighting – and one less thing for you to think about!

What to consider

What does a video with bad lighting say to you? Think to the last one you saw. If the lighting wasn’t so hot, it probably lead you to believe that it was low quality, too.

Let’s take it a step further.

If that video was attached to a brand, how would that impact your view of the product of business? Lighting might not be your first priority with testimonials you’re filming or receiving, but it’s the little details like lighting and sound quality that really make or break a video.

How to achieve great lighting

Natural lighting is always best. A lot of offices and other spaces with fluorescent lighting aren’t ideal, and can look harsh or wash people out on camera. No one’s expecting you to drag in expensive, rented lighting for each testimonial.

The main thing goal of your lighting set-up is that it allows viewers to see the face of the person speaking. If their face is in the shadows or not easily visible for whatever reason, consumers are going to have a hard time making that connection, which means the testimonial isn’t doing its job effectively.

If the lighting in the space where you’re planning to film leaves a lot to be desired, you can relocate to another room. If that’s not an option, it’s probably a matter of arranging lamps and other light fixtures at your disposal. It’ll take a bit of playing around to figure out the set-up that works for video.

As a general rule, avoid positioning yourself or anyone else directly in front of a light source, otherwise they’ll be mostly in the shadows. Instead, set your light source off to the side, which will allow the light to distribute evenly.

Practice makes perfect

The key to getting it right is practicing and playing around with what you have on hand.

There’s no need to blow your budget by investing in expensive lighting equipment when you can make a few simple, easy adjustments with what’s at your disposal.

Video Testimonial Success