August 20, 2013

Establishing Credibility And Personalizing Your Marketing With Video Testimonials

Personalize Your Marketing

In case you missed it, last week we discussed 3 simply ways for getting video testimonials. We even provided a guide for recording the best content. You learned how to approach clients for content through your website, email, and social media. Then, you learned how to guide your clients through the filming process in order to receive the best testimonials.

Now it’s time to look at what exactly these video testimonials are doing for your business, specifically when it comes to establishing credibility and personalizing your marketing campaigns.

Conquer Buyer Skepticism With Credibility

Share candid, user-generated videos that will convince even your toughest sell. Think of the buyer who’s on the fence and just needs that little push to make an investment in your business. They’ll respond to the sincerity of the testimonials, especially if the video addresses a problem that they’re currently trying to solve.

Keep this in mind: written testimonials are often suspicious to potential clients. They’re hesitant to trust positive reviews, believing they may be written by staff members. By providing potential clients with a credible consumer who’s in front of the camera – instead of a hired actor – you’re highlighting what your business has to offer, using someone they can connect with and trust.

Strengthen Your Marketing Message

Testimonials are easily shared on multiple social media platforms. One testimonial can make the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and can even improve your search engine rankings. These videos are cost effective, and when paired with your marketing strategy and circulated around your social media properties can achieve amazing results. They can add a unique element to your marketing that can’t be achieved with stylized, expensive campaigns. These testimonials can resonate and be a critical factor in the decision making process.

Videos are perfect for adding credibility to your business. Testimonials add a personal element to your marketing campaign. You’re combining these elements and sharing your business on multiple platforms, to millions of people. Without both elements, the effort to get your business out into the world and noticed may be lacking. Both ingredients are necessary – and attainable – with user-generated video testimonials.

Video Testimonial Success