July 1, 2013

Feature Update: The Playlist

Today we’re excited to announce a big feature update to Bravo. We’ve enabled the Playlist feature, which allows you to use one single player to stream your best videos.

Here’s a peek at what’s new:

One simple embed code, multiple player sizes
You’ll notice a new page within your account dashboard called “Playlist.” Navigate to this page, and click the embed code button in the right sidebar. From here, you’ll be able to select your playlist size (small, medium, large). Simply copy and paste this code onto your website and you’re all setup to use the new Playlist feature.

Embed Playlist

After reviewing a video, select it to be included in the playlist
You’ll notice a new option underneath the videos on the video review pages. When checking “Include in playlist”, this video will now be included in your Playlist. You can choose as many videos as you’d like.

Select the "Include in playlist" optionEasy, continuous streaming of your best videos
Once you have the playlist embed code on your website, you’re done. You can manage which videos display in the playlist within your Bravo account, and they’ll stream continuously within your player. Here’s an example of the medium-sized player:

The new Playlist feature is available now for everyone – take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

We hope you love it!

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