April 4, 2012

Feature Update: Video Allowance Alerts, Multiple Email Address Capability

Today we’re announcing a few new updates to the account dashboard. We’ve received some excellent feedback in the last few months from our users, and we’ve been carefully listening. Although these updates are minor, we still feel that it’s important to let you know about the improvements we’ve made.

Video Allowance Alerts

Video Allowance Alerts

When you login to your account, you’ll now notice a new section on your dashboard called Account Details. This will give you a quick glimpse at how many video submissions you’ve received in the current month. If/when you’ve reached your limit, a notification will now appear at the top of the page.

Multiple Email Address Capability For New Video Notifications

Multiple Email Addresses

We’ve added the capability of sending notifications to multiple email addresses when new videos are received. On the My Account page, simply add multiple email addresses in the appropriate field, separated by commas, and save your settings. Now, every time you received a new video submission, these addresses will receive the notification.

If you do not wish to receive new video notifications, simply select “Unsubscribe”.

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