August 4, 2016

3 Ideas for Generating Stronger Video Testimonials

3 Ideas for Generating Stronger Video TestimonialsMarketers agree: Customer testimonials are the most effective type of video content.

A survey by Ascend2 found that over half of marketers list customer testimonials as the most successful type of video they produce, just ahead of explainer videos and product demos.

Why? They provide the first-hand feedback about products and services that skeptical buyers demand. Today’s customers are savvy, and they can smell a sales  pitch from a mile away. What they want are honest reviews from consumers like them.

However, producing a good customer testimonial isn’t easy. While they’re considered the most effective marketing tool, they’re also the most difficult type of video to produce. Here are three video marketing ideas to help you produce stronger video testimonials that will influence customers and drive sales:

1. Be specific

Ask customers good questions to get specific answers about your products and services:

  • What’s your name and profession (if applicable)?
  • What product or service do you use?
  • How long have you been using these products or services?
  • How did it help you (save money/save time/make more money/do something better)?
  • Would you recommend it to your family, friends, or colleagues?

If you’re not sure what to ask, start with your FAQs. A question that frequently comes up as a concern with prospects, or as an objection in the sales process, is the perfect thing to address in your customer testimonials.

2. Keep it short

Successful videos are concise, usually no longer than three minutes or viewers start to drop off.

Generally speaking, shorter is better. A successful customer testimonial might only be 60 seconds long if the content is good and the customer is providing just the right information.

If you ask specific questions to get the answers you need, the customer will be able to answer them concisely. This helps you avoid a rambling video that requires a lot of editing, and produces shorter content that’s rich with information.

3. Focus on results

People click testimonials because they want to learn about someone’s first-hand experience using a product or service. If you can, encourage your presenters to share specific results or benefits.

Some examples:

  • A mobile payments company – Have customers provide numbers about how many more sales they conduct using the product.
  • A hair salon – Ask clients to talk about how they received above-and-beyond consultation, or show the details they like about the result.
  • A moving company – Get customers to talk about the convenience of the move, the speed with which their items were delivered, etc.

Customer testimonials are the best tool to have in your marketing belt. They give new prospects direct access to your existing customers so they can hear product reviews straight from the horse’s mouth. This builds the kind of trust that drives sales. When video testimonials are specific, short, and results-focused, they are one of the most valuable assets on your website.

Looking for more guidance? Check out this blog post for more tips on how to produce high-quality customer testimonials that drive conversions and sales.

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