August 15, 2013

3 Simple Ways For Getting Video Testimonials

In a perfect world, every satisfied client would immediately go out and devote days on end to passing out business cards and singing your praises. Ideal, but not likely. So why not use video testimonials instead?

Here’s the problem: the idea of asking your clients for video content can be intimidating. How do you go about it? When do you ask?

Never fear. It’s easier than you might think. In fact, it boils down to leveraging 3 avenues that are readily available to you – as well as your clients:

Social Media

People who follow you on Twitter and Facebook stick around because they like your company. Either they’ve had a great experience, or they’re looking to you for their future needs. If you’ve already provided a client with excellent service, there’s a good chance they’d be willing to share their experience with others. And if they haven’t used your service before, they’ll be exposed to what real clients are saying about your business, and be more inclined to further explore doing business with you.

Here’s a great example you can use for getting a video testimonial via Facebook:

Getting video testimonials via social media


This is another simple way to ask for a video testimonial. Email enables you to ask your clients in a friendly manner, without the added pressure of a real-time conversation. It also benefits your client because it gives them time to consider the details, prepare what they’d like to say and record a video when they’re ready.

Here’s a great example you can use for getting a video testimonial via email:

Getting video testimonials on your website


You can display a simple call to action directly on your website. Just include a highly visible button or link at the top of your site, asking clients to share their experiences through a video testimonial. You can also include a call to action in a blog post as well.

Here’s a great example you can use for getting a video testimonial on your website:

Getting video testimonials on your website

Remember: the best time to ask for a video testimonial is after a successful experience. Makes sense, right?

You’ll want your clients to be enthusiastic and upbeat when recording videos. So, ask them when they’re still glowing with happiness and satisfaction. That way, others can feel just as energized about what you’re offering when they view the content on your website or social media properties.

Video Testimonial Success