January 28, 2016

Good Customer Testimonial Videos Make A Difference

Good Customer Testimonial Videos Make A DifferenceMarketing is the primary way companies are able to make a profit. And since society progresses as technology progresses, if companies can’t keep up with evolving marketing methods, they’re more likely to lose out on potential business.

One of the most popular ways technology has progressed is with videos such as video blogs, or videos containing customer testimonials. In the past, it was common to see text-based customer testimonials featured on their websites. Due to the progression of technology, video testimonials are becoming a more popular and engaging alternative.

There are so many products on the market that are just placebos, so people tend to be skeptical before purchasing a product or service. One of the many things people consider before taking the plunge are reviews and feedback from actual customers. Some good customer testimonial examples should include the following:

The customer should be energetic, but not TOO energetic.

If they’re excited about it, the chances of others getting excited about it are more than likely to increase. However, if their praise is over the top, their testimonial will come off as fake, which leads to…

The customer should be genuine and real.

People naturally relate to real stories about real people. Even the slightest bit of exaggeration is easily picked up on. The majority of consumers do not look like celebrities. In that same respect, be sure to feature a variety of customers in order to appeal to the masses. If the customers seem real, the chances are stronger for people to believe in the organization, service or product results.

There needs a be a variety of stories.

Everyone is different and everyone has different backgrounds. Therefore, it’s important to have many different types of stories. Rule of thumb: A good variety will attract a good variety of website visitors and prospects.

These are just a few suggestions that show how customer testimonial videos can be successful. Improvement should always be something you should strive for, though, regardless of sales.

Video Testimonial Success