July 16, 2015

How Customer Testimonials Can Improve Website Credibility

How Customer Testimonials Can Improve Website CredibilityConsumers are more skeptical nowadays when it comes to what they see online.

For instance, while you may have the best product or service out there, they can be wary of what they perceive as outlandish claims, too-good-to-be-true experiences or prices, etc.Yet despite countless options and competitors to choose from, providing customer testimonials on your website can play a huge role in the overall impression of your brand and, ultimately, influence prospect actions.

So what’s the driving force behind that next click, download or registration? Let’s take a closer look at how customer testimonials (and more specifically, video testimonials) can improve website credibility.

1. They’re authentic

How often do you surf the web and find real testimonials from real customers? Probably not often enough!

The practice of “buying” testimonials is becoming more and more common, and prospects can usually tell when that product review or success story being presented to them is scripted and produced by the company itself, and not from an actual customer in their own words. So why not provide an easy-to-use tool for customers to capture and submit their own personal experiences?

2. They showcase your expertise and proven reputation

Your visitors want confirmation that what you provide is not only better than the rest, but right for them.

Give them the opportunity to read or watch testimonials from satisfied customers or clients that can vouch for your organization’s expertise and reputation. The more you can demonstrate your value, the more likely you are to see an increase in conversions.

3. They help establish trust

These factors for improving website credibility lead up to one of the most important aspects of all — trust.

If your website visitors don’t believe what they see, they’re very likely to disappear with the click of a mouse. Customer testimonials can improve upon the believability factor since the evidence is front and center for prospects to read or view.

Bottom line: Your website visitors want to know you’re “for real” and can deliver what you promise before they make a commitment. Now it’s up to you to prove it.

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