November 4, 2013

How Google+ Can Positively Impact Your User Generated Video Campaign

How Google+ Can Positively Affect Your User Generated Video CampaignWe’ve already discussed what Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can do for your video campaign. Those platforms really lend themselves to chatting with consumers and clients, whether it’s via a shared article or 140 character Tweet. Which means they’re also a great way to share information and generate interest in your campaign. Unlike these easily recognizable platforms, Google+ is still in its infancy. It’s not an easy platform to pinpoint, and there’s still some confusion about what it is and how to use it.

Here’s what you need to know about Google+ and how it will benefit your user generated video campaign efforts.

Google+ 101

Google created this extension of itself in 2011. Google+ offers a variety of features that are similar to other social media platforms, but have their own unique twist, including: Stream (newsfeed), Sparks (recommendation engine), Hangouts (video chat), Circles (friend list), as well as photos and games. Google made a point of creating a social media platform, building off the company’s success to create something that could rival Facebook. So, while it’s a social media platform at heart, there are things at play behind the scenes that work in your campaign’s favor.

What you need to know

It’s still a matter of speculation, but there’s been talk that receiving those coveted +1’s (similar to Facebook likes) will ensure that your business will do better in search engine ranking. The powers that be at Google have denied any connection between the two, but it’s not something that should be discounted. The connection is still being explored, and as Google + gains more traction, it’ll become clearer how +1’s impact brand exposure.

Even though the link between the two isn’t a concrete one, yet, it’s should still be a motivator to bring out your A game when you’re creating and putting out content to advertise your video campaign. The more +1’s, the more interest you’re generating, and it could have the potential to boost your exposure through search results.

That said, the site has quickly become a spot to look for new, innovative content. Businesses that have been frustrated by the amount of time it takes for their presence to catch on over at Facebook have been amazed at how quickly their circle sees a boost in numbers. Google+ lends itself to business and consumer interaction. It’s a place that, so far, has thrived on sharing new content, which is great news for your video campaign. Bottom line – If you create buzzworthy, exciting content, your audience will come to you.

It’s essential to generate interest for your campaign by heading to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get the word out. They’re mainstream platforms, used by many, and designed for the kind of outreach your campaign needs. Google+ is unique in that it has long-term impact in mind for your business.

The content that you’re sharing for your contest has the ability to build your circle, which is great for communicating with peers and consumers. But, depending on how unique and share-worthy the content surrounding the campaign is, you can also ensure that your content indexation will receive a boost. Between Google’s search bots, businesses and consumers, your content has the ability to be a driving force in your long term marketing efforts, and that’s not something to scoff at!

Overall, the secret to successful utilization of Google+ is taking the time to explore what it can do for your campaign. It isn’t a well-established powerhouse like Facebook or Twitter, but it’s already showing signs of being a platform to watch, a place where your business wants to be as it gains popularity. You have your go-to platforms for content sharing, but it’s time to really dig in and see what Google+ can do for your video campaign efforts, now and in the future.

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