December 3, 2014

How to Create a Video Testimonial Without Investing Hours of Time

How To Create A Video TestimonialThere’s plenty to be said about how to create a video testimonial – but how about creating testimonials that aren’t a drain on time? Here are some tips on how to do it the easy, and right, way.

Choosing the right setting

Knowing ahead of time, the type of environment a video testimonial should be recorded in is key. If you’re at an event or engagement with peers and are able to grab a testimonial on-the-fly, it’s okay if it comes out looking a little rushed because you’re mostly going for a quick clip in that type of situation.

But ideally, testimonials should be recorded in quiet, well-lit spaces. In an office, at home – wherever it may be, it’s important that it’s quiet so viewers can easily make out what’s being said, and well-lit, so the person doesn’t come across as suspicious.

Recording convenience

Recording video testimonials would be a huge hassle if it involved lugging around expensive equipment to pull one off. Can you imagine all the time it would take, as well as the cost?

Now they can be recorded on a phone or tablet, from anywhere, or easily accessed through a click-through link on a website. There are plenty of options, which is a great way to cut down on any time crunch.

Knowing which points to hit

Narrowing down the focus of each video is an important way to save on time – and frustration! Testimonials, as a rule, shouldn’t be long-winded. They’re meant to introduce the person, speaking, which will give insight into why what they have to say matters, and then move on to give the testimonial in under a minute.

One testimonial shouldn’t be doing the work of five.

Rather than trying to say too much, and cram too many points into one testimonial, limit the focus to one point that can be explained without the temptation to go off track and blur the initial point being made. It’ll save a lot of time that would otherwise have to go to editing, and makes for better video!

Video Testimonial Success