July 24, 2014

How to Get Earned Media: Tips for a Successful Strategy

How to Get Earned MediaThere’s a lot of talk about how to get earned media, especially when it means competing with a lot of other noise. There’s no one trick to making it happen. Instead, there are several ways to approach your efforts that will either make or break the goals you’ve set.

All about audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having a thorough understanding on your audience. It’s more than the demographic you’re targeting, which is also helpful. It has to do with understanding the kind of content they’ll seek out to which questions in their life need answering and making sure you’re putting out content that matches up with those interests.

That being said, you can have the best content in the world and still fail to reach your audience. Part of having that total understanding is knowing what they want and delivering it to the places where they’re hanging out. A lot of brands make the mistake of taking on a one size fits all approach and hitting their audience through popular channels instead of digging in to niche platforms, which can yield better results.

Set goals that make sense

Every brand is going to have a different set of goals when they’re approaching earned media. Not only that, but more importantly, the look and feel of your campaign is going to vary based on what you’re trying to make happen.

An unclear, or unfocused, set of goals is going to be difficult to execute and measure what’s working and what’s not. Nail down the specifics before you unroll your strategy, otherwise you’re going to create way more work than necessary when you have to make adjustments later!

Measuring success

The easiest way to measure success is to take the results you were getting before employing your strategy, and comparing them to the results you begin seeing. This requires that you chart your previous progress so you have something to compare it to. It’s important to be realistic when you’re measuring your progress. Some brands become discouraged and allow their strategy to fall apart because they’re expecting results that don’t make sense for where they’re at. It’s key to celebrate progress, no matter how small, and stick with your strategy so it can work in the short and long term.

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