August 27, 2014

How to Highlight the Voice of Your Customer

Voice of Your CustomerNothing’s more important than the voice of your customer. Who else is going to paint an accurate picture of what you’re doing right, what you have to offer, and maybe what you could change? If you’re looking to highlight what they have to say, here’s how you can go about it.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in going forward and being more proactive about highlighting the voice of your customers is to not be the one facilitating conversation. We know people are talking about their favorite brands, on and offline, but are you involved in the conversation?

The most obvious way to be is by monitoring what’s being said on social media. Comments, good and bad, are going to be Tweeted, shared, and even blogged about, whether you’re tuned in or not. But if you make sure you’re interacting with them, hearing what they have to say loud and clear, you’re less likely to be one step behind about where you stand.

No one can, or should, dedicate all their time to checking out comments on social media. But that kind of interaction can be pretty vital, and it’s worth figuring out where you stand vs. how you could improve.

Another way to make sure you’re highlighting what customers have to say, is by asking for video testimonials, success stories, and general feedback about how you’re doing.

Bringing the voice of your customer into marketing is a natural progression, and a great way to reflect what your brand does so well, and why consumers should throw their support including time and money behind you.

It’s great to let customers know they’re being heard, and that you value what you have to say. One of the reasons why more brands don’t go ahead and amplify the voice of their customers is because they’re afraid of negative feedback. The reality is that you need to understand your brands reputation, whether it’s good or bad, before you proceed. And if you’re not hearing what you like, your focus needs to be on how to make changes so you can move forward in a more positive direction with consumers.

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