March 31, 2014

How Your Video Testimonial Campaign Can Improve Customer Service

Video Testimonial CampaignA video testimonial campaign is only meant to display how great you are. Right? Not necessarily. In a perfect world, all of your reviews would be glowing. Every customer would walk away feeling great about your brand and what you do.

So what happens when someone walks away from an encounter and decides to vent how they’re feeling? Here’s how you can take negative video testimonial feedback and turn it into a positive.

Learn how to apologize

What’s your gut reaction to criticism? Whether it’s aimed at you, or they have some negative words for the brand, your initial reaction is telling.

Getting defensive is pretty common. How many times have we watched brands screw up, only to go on the attack? It never seems to accomplish much, or go over well with other consumers. It shows an unwillingness to accept criticism, and that isn’t a good look for anyone. Instead, sit back and listen to what’s being said. Once you understand the situation and what you could do on your end to make it better, apologize.

If your brand doesn’t handle it well on the first try, amp up the apology.

It’s a skill everyone should have. Realize that you have more at stake than your ego. It’s the reputation of your brand and the potential for word to get out that customer service isn’t a priority.

Implement what you learn

The best way to show that you’ve learned from any negative feedback is to prove that you’re making steps to change it. Rather than getting defensive or glossing over the things you don’t like, address them. Acknowledge that your brand is constantly evolving, and that you strive to do better by loyal customers. If you’re sincere in your efforts, they’ll be able to tell.

Rather than making promises you don’t intent to keep, it’s up to you to make customer service a priority. Video testimonials are great for promoting what you do best. Part of that should encompass taking care of your customers, being willing to adjust in order to make sure you’re living up to what your brand is all about.

Video Testimonial Success