May 16, 2013

Identify Your Best Customers To Attract Even More

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Identify Your Best CustomersAre all your customers equal? Sure, each person who comes through your doors (virtual or not) is special in some way. However, there are definitely some customers who make a much bigger impact on your business – either through your wallet or the joy you experience working with them.

You see them day in and day out buying stuff and even talking to you on social media or through email. Some of them are so close to you they’re more friends than anything. You know they’ll be around for a long time and want to reward them for their dedication.

This is precisely why you need the Best Customer Report provided at Outright. Outright is a bookkeeping app for small business owners. It tracks your income and expenses, and slices and dices that information into handy reports – like the Best Customer Report. This particular report helps you figure out which of your customers have been around the longest and who’s given you the most business over a certain period of time. From there, you can…

1. Nurture the Relationship

After you know who’s your best customer, you’ll want to nurture this relationship even more. While you don’t want to seem like you’re “sucking up” by any means, you want the customer to feel wanted and special. They’ve been providing you with business and there’s nothing wrong with pointing out how awesome you think they are.

Simply acknowledging them can go a long way. However, you may want to go a little further. One way is to give them a break on future orders – perhaps you can provide a “top customer discount” or send them coupons in an email. Not only does this give them incentive to buy more stuff it will increase customer loyalty and also minimize the chance that they leave if something goes wrong.

2. Figure Out Their Type

Why does that particular customer keep coming back to buy more and more each month from you? What traits do they possess that may be in other customers, so you can expand your market and business? Is there a niche there you can exploit for more sales?

Starting with your Best Customer report you can find commonalities. Are your best customers in a certain geographic area? Are they a certain age? Do they all love Canadian football? You can then use that information to try and figure out if others like that customer will also flock to your store, potentially giving you even more long term customers.

3. Improve Products and Services

Best Customer Reports can provide information to you in all aspects of your business. For example, you may have long wondered what people tend to flock to in your company – what are people buying from you the most?

After you figure out your best customers, you can go over their history and find this very info out quickly. Using this you can accentuate the very products and services you provide to customers that you know sell well. If you know your best customers tend to hire you for graphic design over website creation, for example, you can put more emphasis on the graphic design portion of your business to bring in more clients. And since Outright integrates with your eBay, Etsy, Amazon and other marketplace accounts it can also quickly show you which products your best customers consistently buy.

Do you know your top 3 best customers? If so, what do they all have in common?

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