May 16, 2014

Improve Your Video Testimonial Conversion Rate: 3 Simple Tips

Video Testimonial Conversion RateWe have 3 tips that’ll give your video testimonial conversion rate some help.

Figuring out video placement and what works best for your brand takes a little time and willingness to adjust based on results. It isn’t an exact science, which can be a good thing, allowing you to craft a strategy that works best for you.


When we talk about making adjustments to improve your video testimonial conversion rate, the first thing we take a look at is video placement. First and foremost, does your placement make sense?

If you’ve placed a product demo video on a page where a transaction, or other stressful point for consumers, is taking place, you might be missing the mark. A testimonial that serves as a demo belongs on a page that’s giving an in-depth look at your product or service.

Addressing the fears of your viewers

A video testimonial that addresses fears that consumers have should be placed in areas that cause stress. Generally, whenever you ask them to provide personal information, and the purchase point are two areas that cause the most anxiety.

Providing testimonials that vouch for what you do will put consumers at ease about investing their time and money with you. Go ahead and take a look at the placement of your videos. Even if you think you nailed it, it’s always a good idea to go back and check every so often, just to compare any adjustments you’ve made to your number of conversions.

Ask for what you need

Instead of receiving a handful of testimonials and calling it a day, it’s better to stay in your routine.

Continue asking for testimonials as you roll out campaigns and wow clients with new feature updates. That way, you’re capturing feedback that touches on all the cool stuff you’re doing as it’s happening. It’ll ensure that you have fresh video to place on your site and share through social media, rather than relying on the same handful of videos.

Video Testimonial Success