May 1, 2014

Improving Your Video Testimonial Campaign: Our 3 Tips

Video Testimonial CampaignEven your best video testimonial campaign can use a little improvement. Whether you struggle with organization, need some help defining your goals, or knowing when to adjust and when to stay the course – we have some tips for to help you out!

Get organized!

Lack of organization can be the downfall of an otherwise successful campaign.

It’s great to dive into video marketing and see how it can jump start awareness for your brand, but your video testimonial campaign won’t reach its full potential without some organization on your end. This can include everything from keeping an eye on the subject matter of the content you’re receiving so you’ll know where it can be used, to staying on top of how other staff members are doing with asking and acquiring testimonials.

Organization doesn’t have to be painful or overly difficult. It’s mostly a matter of staying in-tune with your campaign to make sure everything is going smoothly.

What you’re looking for

What are you looking for, in the broadest sense, from your campaign?

A lot of us are good at coming up with an end result. Improving your conversion rate while promoting brand awareness are both important and pretty easy to come up with. More than that, you also need to have an idea of what you’re looking for in terms of testimonial content, including which aspects of your product or service could benefit most from the testimonial of a satisfied customer.

Before you kick off your campaign, it’s a good idea to sit with and consider the full scope of what you’re looking for. Knowing your end goal is key, but having a good idea what you’re looking for altogether in the campaign is equally important.

Knowing when to adjust

Part of being organized and knowing what you want is keeping an eye on the data as it comes in and knowing when and if you should make adjustments.

It’s common to want to adjust prematurely. If a campaign isn’t an instant hit, or the numbers don’t match your expectations right away, the impulse is to assume that you’re doing something wrong and need to re-work your strategy. The reality is that it’s better to wait and stay the course before making any quick changes. Results won’t be instantaneous, and making several rapid changes to shake up the campaign can do more harm than good, especially when you’re trying to look back later and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

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