July 27, 2015

Customer Support Series: Is There A Way For Users to Vote on Videos?

Customer Support Series: Is There A Way For Users to Vote on Videos?We recently received the following support request from one of our customers:

“Is there a way for users to vote on videos? Or some way to allow them to like videos? We’re looking to run a video contest.

Absolutely! Our contest widget provides a simple and effective way to run a video contest. Built-in to the widget is the ability for participants to not only record their own video entry, but also watch and vote on their favorites. 

Embedding the Contest Widget

The contest widget can be found on the PUBLISH page within your campaign. Simply copy and paste the embed code on your website or social media property (or send the code to your developer), and you’re ready to rock-and-roll with your new video contest:

Vote on Videos

Streaming Your Videos to the Contest Widget

When reviewing a video within your campaign, simply check the “Include in Contest” box. By doing so, the video will instantly stream to your contest widget for participants to watch and vote:

Vote on Videos

Users Can Record Their Own or Watch & Vote on Their Favorite Videos

Now that you’ve embedded the contest widget and streamed the appropriate videos to the widget, your participants will be able to record a video, or watch and vote on their favorites:

Vote on Videos

Tune in to the Feature Updates section of our blog for more information regarding new and improved ways to run successful video contests with Bravo over the next few weeks!

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