July 13, 2015

Customer Support Series: Is There a Way to Increase Video Resolution?

Customer Support Series: Is There a Way to Increase Video Resolution?We recently received the following support request from one of our customers:

“The quality of the videos being recorded is in a lower resolution that we had hoped. Is there a way to increase the resolution? We want to showcase videos with higher resolution as we’re already seeing a positive impact.”

Right now global internet speeds average ~5.0 Mbps. As you can imagine, recording high-resolution video over the web at these speeds is a tall order.

What we’ve done up until now is govern the video resolution so that when customers record using their desktop or laptop, the videos are indeed lower resolution, but certainly usable.

However, when customers record using their smartphone or tablet, the videos tend to be high resolution because they’re actually being recorded to the device first, and then uploaded to Bravo.

That being said, we have exciting plans over the summer to upgrade our recorder’s functionality so that all videos will be recorded in high resolution — no matter what the customer’s internet speed might be.

Tune in to the Feature Updates section of our blog for more information regarding high resolution video recordings over the next few weeks!

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