Learn Video Marketing: Tips From Your Kindergarten Self

Video MarketingHow would your kindergarten self advise you about learning the ropes of video marketing? I sat with the idea for a bit, before coming up with the following advice from a younger Estee:

Share your crayons

It was applicable then, and it still is! Sharing crayons in school was a great way for our younger selves to make friends and learn all about generosity. Today, you can still apply that concept by being generous in the way you come together to hammer out the creative aspects of video marketing. Idea sharing is hugely important. Bouncing around thoughts and ideas is guaranteed to step your campaign up, as opposed to one person carrying the burden of floating all the ideas.

Get messy!

Grass stains. Spilled milk. Childhood is full of innocent messes. Push up your sleeves and dive into your campaign without being afraid of working hard to try something new. Be really into what your doing, which means taking in as much as possible so you can make your campaign great. Rather than feeling obligated, treat it as a  learning experience each step of the way.

Own up to mistakes

Timeouts and learning how to apologize or do better are common themes in our lives when we're young. For a lot of us, the adults in our lives acknowledged that we were learning as we grew, and that meant making mistakes and learning how to apologize and make things right. Same goes during your video marketing efforts. We step on toes sometimes, or we mess up in other ways. Make an effort to be more like your younger self and be aware of when you should step in to apologize in order to keep things running smoothly. There's so much that can be learned when you're taking on video marketing. What kind of advice do you think your kindergarten self would give you?