September 8, 2014

Learning From the Best Word of Mouth Campaigns

Best Word Of Mouth CampaignsWhat can we learn from the best word of mouth campaigns? Quite a bit if we’re paying attention!

More than anything, successful campaigns can show us what we’re doing wrong, and how we can improve our efforts to harness naturally occurring conversation and turn it into a marketing asset.

The best campaigns show us where our focus should be

For a lot of brands, social media is viewed strictly as a numbers game. Increasing likes and shares goes over well with bosses, sometimes without the engagement to back them up. The best word of mouth campaigns require engagement to get consumers talking. Instead of halfheartedly updating Facebook once every few months, your brand needs to keep up a reliable presence where you interact with consumers by replying to comments and questions, starting discussions, and letting them know they’re being heard.

There are plenty of tactics brands can use to increase their numbers quickly, but all the likes in the world aren’t going to mean anything if you aren’t following it up with actual engagement.

What do you want them to be talking about?

We all know that consumers do a lot of talking without needing much of a prompt, but the best word of mouth campaigns are able to direct the conversation by grabbing onto a theme and allowing it to take off.

There’s no secret formula or trick to determine what they should be saying. The key to putting out a successful concept is understanding your audience so you know what’s relevant and likely to keep them talking. This requires doing your homework, and being tuned in to who they are and what will appeal to them.

Put more effort into giving consumers platforms where they can speak out 

Consumers want to know they’re being listened to. It’s up to you to demonstrate that what they have to say is an important part of what your brand does. Some of the most popular word of mouth campaigns, including Lays “Do Us a Flavor” and Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, have taken off because they inspired consumers to get talking, and in the case of “Do Us a Flavor”, the opinions of consumers was put first when selecting a chip flavor. Allowing consumers to have a direct say in what’s happening with your product or service can yield awesome results, while giving them reason to care about what you’re up to.

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