Lessons We Can Learn From Video Marketing Statistics

Video Marketing Statistics What do video marketing statistics have to say about where our efforts should be concentrated? Quite a bit, if you take a look at the stats rolling in. It can be a bit of a struggle to convince the higher ups that change is not only good, but necessary if you want to broaden your reach. Here are some stats that should convince them:There are a lot of things that video can do better than text, that text can't accomplish on its own. Whether you're using video testimonials, product review videos, user generated video campaigns - or any one of the many other types of video, you're making the choice to engage consumers in a way that's interesting and informative. Instead of throwing mountains of text at consumers via social media, email, and blogging - you can break up the monotony by showing them something that they'll actually want to watch and share, and will keep them coming back to you and your brand for more.When we talk about the power of video, we're not exaggerating! Part of what makes video so great is that, done right, it's not just going to entertain, it also has the ability to motivate people into action. The video you're putting out there isn't just meant to float in cyberspace. It's going to need to feature a call to action, telling viewers exactly where you want them to head once it's over. There's a lot you can accomplish when you have an audience willing to follow where you lead, and it's time to tap in and discover how it can benefit your brand.Video is no longer reserved for the big guys. You don't need to tank your budget renting and buying expensive equipment, or hiring actors, and so on. Now it can be as easy as asking consumers to grab their phone, or capturing video from your office. Big budget videos have appeal, but more and more, consumers are responding to a quick Vine or video that's coming from other consumers about your brand. It gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, and to push your creativity, which is always a win for your brand.