July 15, 2014

Listening to What Voice of Customer Research Has to Tell You

Voice of Customer ResearchVoice of customer research is going to help identify the top priority needs and wants of your clients. You’re getting the information you need through interviews, focus groups, surveys and so on, right from the source. Rather than speculating about how to continue meeting the needs of your clients, you can gather the information yourself to get a better idea of where you need to be heading in the future.

What you can do with that feedback

Every brand has an idea of the type of interaction they’re hoping for with clients and consumers in general. Even if you never sit down and fill in the details about what that would look like, there are a few components that are pretty universal.

You hope that it’s a positive interaction with top-notch customer service. The client is pleased with the product or service. All good things! But here’s the thing: The way you perceive your interactions is going to differ with the actual customer experience. It doesn’t mean that all of your clients are secretly dissatisfied, just that it’s better to check in and get the details about what they’re liking and not so fond of, instead of making assumptions.

A lot of brands engage in some form of voice of customer research. There are handy little surveys and polls, interviews, and many other ways to hear from customers. What matters is what brands are doing once they’re given a peek into the average customer experience. Too often, it’s collected and then mostly ignored, or under-utilized.

It’s actually a great resource if you’re trying to look ahead and determine where your brand’s headed. Who better to give you a sense of what needs to change than the people who are most familiar with what you do?

Too many times, brands make changes for the sake of change, rather than understanding what users are asking for and need. What your brand does with feedback can have a lot to do with successes and failures down the road. Brands that stick around and accomplish great things tend to be the ones who understand that change needs to happen in a way that makes sense to customers. It means looking at feedback about feature updates, customer service, and other aspects of what you do to see where change is needed most.

The great thing about voice of customer research is that it gives you the insight to head in the direction that’ll keep you competitive and able to please customers. The key is making the choice to invest and truly listen and act on what’s being said.

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