April 28, 2014

Making the Most of Your Video Testimonial Page Design

Video Testimonial Page DesignMaking the most of your video testimonial page design is mostly a matter of how you’re looking to present your brand. We know how important first impressions are, but what about once they decide to stick around? The look and overall organization of your testimonial page can do a lot to help or hurt your campaign.

Ditch the clutter

First things first: Keep your page uncluttered.

Sometimes we give in to temptation and end up doing too much on one page. Keep it simple; easy to read and with some appeal at first glance. Choose a layout that doesn’t crunch everything together, or overwhelm visitors with too much color and text.

If you’re not sure about how the page is coming together – ask! Get a fresh perspective about the layout and feel, rather than feeling unsure or putting something out there that you aren’t happy with.

Pair text with video

The videos on your testimonial page are what you’re looking to highlight, right? But that doesn’t mean that text doesn’t have a place with your video testimonials.

The debate about using text or video for testimonials has been settled in favor of video. We know that people are responding, sharing, and enjoying video more and more when they’re online, but that doesn’t mean that text doesn’t have it’s place on your testimonial page. Rather than solely relying on text, in this case it’s simply a matter of using it to compliment the videos.

If you check out other testimonial pages, you’ll see that sticking a small blurb of text with information about the testimonial, like identifying information about who’s speaking, is a great way to go. Video will remain the center of attention, with text lending a helping hand by giving viewers the option of doing a quick scan before watching testimonials.

Video Testimonial Success