April 2, 2014

Making The Most Of Your Video Testimonial Page Design

Video Testimonial Page DesignMaking the most of your video testimonial page design is not as difficult as it might sound. Promise! All it takes is a little consideration, and a bit of tidying to keep viewers focused on what you want them to be looking at.

Putting the focus on video

You want your pages to look top notch. Understandable, given the amount of traffic you’re hoping to draw by placing video there for viewers. But how do you know when looking great crosses the line into being too busy, or detracting from the video you place there?

The key has to do with looking at your page and taking stock of what you notice first. It’s awesome to have your logo displayed prominently, or text that drives home your message. But you also have to be wary about what’s drawing the eye of folks visiting your page. A cluttered, or otherwise distracting page can do more harm than good by taking attention away from what should be the foal point.

Organize content

Placement is actually a pretty big deal for your videos. You wouldn’t put your intro video where a demo belongs. (If you did place your videos in a way that doesn’t make sense, go ahead and change it now. No judgement.)

Try to keep video organized based on where it belongs. This will require you to look at things from the perspective of your viewer. Take the time to imagine what they’re feeling from the moment they first click onto your page, until the time when they’re making a purchasing decision or otherwise responding to your call-to-action. You’ll get a sense of appropriate video placement by thinking along those lines, rather than putting up video wherever you have space and hoping for the best!

The takeaway

Keep your video testimonial page design clean. You want to keep the focus on the video content, so that means cutting down the clutter. Additionally, make sure there’s a sense of organization to your video placement. Group testimonials together by subject matter, and find un-related videos a home that makes sense, rather than trying to cram everything onto one page.

Video Testimonial Success