Marketing with Video: What to Avoid

Marketing With VideoSometimes marketing with video sounds a little too good to be true. There’s a lot of information out there that’ll tell you how to get your brand noticed with video, making it sound quick and easy. We’re a culture that loves quick and easy, so sometimes we buy into the idea without realizing that more work means more payoff. Working with video can be fun, rewarding, and make us tap into our creativity to accomplish something great for our brand. But that quick and easy mentality isn’t the way to go about it. Here are the corners you’re not going to want to cut when you’re planning for your video marketing strategy:
Sacrificing your brand for attention
What kind of viral videos gain the most attention? Sometimes they feature cute animals or other touching moments. Other times they’re a little edgy, pushing the envelope with humor that’s crass and daring. Instead of aiming to make it in the big leagues, focus your energy on what actually matters - putting out video that actually aligns with what your brand does, and stands for. If your only goal is getting noticed, videos with shock value are the way to go. But if you’re actually planning to build a marketing strategy that’ll compliment the direction your brand’s taking, you’re going to want to make sure your video does just that.
Is there anybody out there?
Two mistakes that I’d like to address can be tied together. First, not having an understanding of who your audience is. Second, feeling like your campaign is a failure when you don’t see instant results. Knowing your audience means you’ll have an idea of who you’re speaking to when you’re putting out video. A lot of the time it means narrowing what you’re trying to say, so you’re speaking to a specific group instead of trying to reach everyone, which only makes for a confused, jumbled message that won’t appeal to anyone. The next mistake can happen even when you have created a series of great videos, thanks to the understanding you have about who you’re looking to target. There’s a window where you’ve done your homework, you’re using video that compliments your brand and should be reaching your audience - but nothing major’s happening. It’s pretty quiet, and you’re starting to doubt that this is going to work, and start thinking you’ve made a mistake. The key is to hang in there. The biggest mistake you can make is shaking your strategy up early in the game because you’re not seeing instantaneous results. Take a few calming breaths. Remember that your video marketing strategy is sound, and that the kind of results you’re looking for aren’t going to happen overnight. Ranking higher in search engine results, and gaining traction with your video is going to take a little time. The way to get there is by remembering you’ve done your homework. Now that you know your audience and you have this strategy in place, you have to stick with it. Altering your plan too drastically, or quitting altogether isn’t going to help.
Creating video for the sake of video
There’s a lot of talk about the variety of ways video has changed up marketing. The thing to remember is that you need to have a solid strategy behind it. Video for the sake of having video, or thinking that video will automatically increase conversions and brand awareness, without realizing there’s careful strategy going on behind the scenes, is a mistake. Putting video out because it seems like a good idea, isn’t going to lead anywhere without giving it a purpose, and understanding how you’re going to reach your audience and keep them interested. There’s a lot more involved than luck and chance, and it requires some planning in order for it to work out the way you want it to.
Lack of direction
Successful video has to include some sort of call to action. You have to provide a next step, otherwise your video’s just floating out there without a purpose. If you’re trying to call attention to a new feature, or a promotion you’re running - mention it, along with where your audience needs to head to get there.