October 12, 2012

Monthlys Offers Rewards To Their Members For Video Reviews

Monthlys offers a new way to explore local, curated product clubs. Members can subscribe to what they like, and receive products in the mail on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We’re thrilled that they integrated our platform, and are now able to generate real-life video reviews from their members. They decided to use our iFrame embed tool which allows their members to record, review and submit videos directly from the Monthlys website:

Monthlys Video Reviews

When a member submits a video review, they automatically receive 100 reward points they can then use towards other products and services on the site.

These videos will certainly an authentic style of credibility which brings a deep experiential value to the Monthlys brand. After all, what’s more convincing than someone sharing their regular delivery of micro-brew beers from all over the world with their friends and neighbors?

Video Testimonial Success