Must-Read Video Marketing Ideas to Generate New Sales

Must-Read Video Marketing Ideas to Generate New SalesVideo testimonials are great sales tools that provide a good return on investment for the amount of time and money necessary to create them. But, like most things, not all video testimonials are created equal. Below are some video marketing ideas that will help you generate better video testimonials and, ultimately, new sales.
What makes a great video testimonial?
The purpose of a video testimonial is to let your satisfied customers do the talking so you can convert prospects into actual business. Ironically, the best video testimonials are not sales-y. That’s because people don’t want to be sold. Conversely, they are likely to react positively to a non-salesperson who has had a buying experience similar to what they are facing. A great video testimonial:
  • Mentions the benefits of doing business with your company. For instance, did your product or service solve their problems or save them money? Or both?
  • Comes from someone with whom your prospects can relate. For instance, if your target market includes automobile enthusiasts, the video testimonial might mention what kind of car the speaker owns.
  • Is credible. In this regard, video is undeniably the best because prospects can see and hear the speaker. Also, the testimonial’s credibility can be amplified when the speaker describes his or her particular reasons for doing business with you.
  • Compares your product or service to the competition. This kind of testimonial helps to separate your company from the competition and reduces your prospect’s need to visit your competitors’ websites.
Lights, camera, action
You know what your typical customers think and feel when they’re trying to decide whether to do business with you. So, you can use that knowledge to create a few questions to elicit information that will be useful to the people who visit your website. When creating your questions, it’s helpful to include opened-ended, high-gain questions. Open-ended questions can’t be answered with a single word, like yes or no. High-gain questions usually begin with “how” or “why” and require the respondent to explain or describe their experience with your product or service. For example: In 60 seconds or less, briefly describe your experience and tell us why you enjoyed working with us. We appreciate your feedback.
Money motivates
Video testimonial contests are an excellent way to motivate your customers and to generate testimonials faster than usual. But contests require offering prizes, so what should that prize be? The answer is obvious when considering that you want repeat business, as well as testimonials from customers who are eager to do more business with you. That’s why the best prize you can offer is a discount the next time they do business with you. Moreover, the discounts can be tiered. That is, you can offer a minimal discount for simply participating. And, you can offer incrementally deeper discounts for better quality feedback. An advantage of this kind of contest is that it can be designed to match the discounts you already offer to repeat customers or during seasonal sales promotions.
Now... get started!
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