Online Video Marketing: Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Online Video MarketingEvery set of online video marketing goals is different. It all depends on the brand, audience - and so on. The common denominator between brands is the need to be noticed and viewed by the audience they're appealing to. With so much video being uploaded and sorted through each day, it takes more than a catchy idea to call attention to your brand and what you do.
What good videos set out to do
Before we dive in and discuss video optimization, let's talk about the purpose of the video you're putting out. Your end goal is to bring about brand awareness, but how do you get there? Your content needs to be relevant, preferably something share-worthy so it can make the rounds with your target audience. Throwing out video for the sake of having video and hoping that'll do the trick isn't much of a strategy. Here's how you stay relevant:
Solve problems
If you have a list of frequently asked questions, pulling it out and using it for inspiration for videos is a great idea. You can easily shoot a quick video, only a few minutes long, discussing the question and providing an answer that viewers will find helpful. It's a great go-to between campaigns, and to show users that you care about their experience and making it the best it can be.
Talk about your product or service. Use video to show off what prospective clients can expect when they make a purchase. Consumers like to know the ins and outs of what they're investing in with their money, time, and loyalty. This can include a product demo or an update about the latest feature.
Disprove myths
Every industry is plagued with myths. Dig in and discuss the ones you hear most often, including info on why they have myth status and haven't been elevated to facts.
Provide a glimpse into the people behind the brand
I don't know about you, but I love peeking behind the scenes to see what's happening with my favorite brands. I'll give you an example: QVC, the home shopping empire, does a great job of letting you get to know their hosts. Around the holidays, they bring family members on set to bake and share recipes, they have active social media accounts so you can stay connected and feel up-to-date. That way, when you call in to speak with your favorite host or make a purchase, you feel like you're buying from someone you trust. Having casual, friendly video can have that same QVC effect, without feeling overtly salesy.
All about optimization
We already went over how you can appeal to your audience. By providing video that's relevant and varied, you can catch and hold interest. If you narrow your focus and look at video only as a tool for search engine ranking, you're going to come have some dry, listless content that isn't going to appeal to anyone. Now that you know how you can appeal to them, here's how you take care of optimization.
Get to know your keywords. Not just what they are, but how frequently they're searched, so you know which ones you can be competitive with when you use them. Once you have your topic, related to the keyword, you can use them in the title, video description, and tags to put your video a step closer to being more widely viewed.
The importance of relevant content was mentioned earlier, but in terms of optimization content that inspires people to share, favorite, and comment on is going to rank higher. Engagement is used as a benchmark for great content because it's supposed to show that you're making something meaningful and deserve to be higher up than other content.
Campaign vs. a single video
A series of videos are going to do more for your brand than a single one. Sometimes we look at video in terms of achieving that one viral hit that gets things going. But the truth is that going viral takes a ton of money and isn't always worth it in the long run. Rather than trying to knock it out of the park with one video, you can plan a series of videos to publish regularly, video that'll attract viewers and keep your already loyal audience tuning in.
Call to action
Your video should include another step for viewers, otherwise you're missing a great opportunity. If you're putting excellent video out there, with people tuning in to see what you have to say next, there needs to be a course of action for them to take. Ask them to check out your blog or website, direct them to where they can sign up for email updates.  Chances are, if they are interested in what you have to say in your video, they'll be glad to hear from you in other ways, which is a great opportunity that can't be missed!