August 26, 2014

Organizational Storytelling: Why It Works

Organizational StorytellingOrganizational storytelling can be such a naturally occurring thing, that we don’t always take the time to stop and acknowledge that it’s happening. Stories happen around the water cooler, during meetings, and training. They happen without us thinking about it, as we pass on knowledge and lessons from one person to the next.

Marketing and storytelling are a perfect fit

Storytelling has always had a place, front and center in marketing. Marketing crafts the story, something that aligns with brand values. It’s the story that pulls people in, and conveys what your brand is all about. A lot more than meets the eye is happening when we engage in storytelling.

Stories can challenge our beliefs by making us assess what we feel to be true. Or it can comfort us, and confirm the ideals that we value. Stories have the power to transform and communicate ideas in new, relevant ways.

Finding the story for your brand isn’t a simple matter of sitting down and deciding what you want it to be. It takes time and a lot of thinking about how you want consumers to understand your company culture, and where they fit into what you do. Company culture is tossed around a lot as a buzz word, but in practice, it’s the decisions and overall goals that set you apart from other brands, which is no small thing.

Storytelling and leadership

What better way to connect with your team than through telling stories?

There’s a lot that goes into being a leader, from inspiring your team when they’re feeling a little uninspired, to helping everyone shift directions as your brand does so. Rather than ordering people to adapt because they have to, storytelling allows you to connect through tone and intent, and to convey a bigger picture.

Storytelling has become popular in the workplace because it’s such an integral part of so many cultures. As stories are passed through families to preserve a way of life, or meaningful events, the same is taking place in organizations, to bring teams together through sharing that taps into our emotions.

Depending on how you choose to use it, organizational storytelling can wield a lot of power. It’s up to you to tap into something naturally occurring to decide how to get across who your brand is, and bring your team together.

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