February 21, 2014

Recruiters: The Video Testimonial Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Video Testimonial QuestionsShort on inspiration for video testimonial interview questions? We’ve got you covered. From what not to do, and how to do better, to the questions that will yield the best responses for your video testimonials.

What not to ask

Tell us about ________

Asking for any sort of detailed explanation generally leads to a long, rambling response. Most people aren’t used to being filmed while answering questions. Even if it’s a topic that they have a great deal of knowledge about, people still get nervous.

A common response to a case of nerves is to fidget and appear uncomfortable, but it can also lead to unwanted rambling. So in the case of video testimonials that you want to use for marketing purposes, it’s best to cut down on questions that are too broad. If you provide questions that have a clear focus, they can cut to the chase, get to answering the most important part of what you’re asking without as much anxiety.

Do you like __________

The problem with asking “do you like ?” questions, is that the response can be a simple yes or no. Try asking “What do you like about ___ ?” instead. It might not seem important when you’re drafting a list of questions, but phrasing is actually key to getting the best answers for your video testimonials. Try to stick with asking questions that require more than one word, allowing them to expand on what they like best about your brand.

How to go about it the right way

Ask about specifics:

  • What problem were we able to solve for you?
  • How did our product/service save you time/money?
  • Why would you recommend our product/service?

There’s no rule stating that video testimonials can only cover one aspect of your brand. Ask questions that get into the specifics of what you do best. Customer service is one area where a lot of brands can do more to highlight how great they are at taking care of their clients needs. If you have a successful, productive customer service interaction with a client, be sure to ask if they’d be willing to talk about in a testimonial. The majority of people are, and it’s a great way to reassure viewers that you’re a brand they want to work with.

Consider which areas you’re looking to highlight

Is there a new feature you’re rolling out, something that your brand wants clients and prospective clients to get excited about? Bring it up when your asking questions for video testimonials. On top of traditional advertising routes, it’s awesome to have video that discusses the positives about your latest feature, circulating.

Video Testimonial Success