June 22, 2015

Feature Update: Reducing Video Allowance Roadblocks

Today we’re excited to announce a major improvement that’ll significantly reduce video allowance roadblocks for our customers.

We’re constantly committed to making your video testimonial campaigns that much better. That’s why earlier this week we increased video allowances across all plans.

This will enable you to capture many, many more videos!

Here’s a speak peak at what’s new:

On the plans & pricing page, you’ll notice that all plans now include the ability to capture many, many more videos:

New Bravo Pricing

And if you’re already a customer of Bravo, you’ll notice that your monthly video allowance has automatically increased on the dashboard to reflect the latest changes.

Why increase video allowance limits across all plans?

Over the last few months, we’ve received a ton of great feedback that suggests our plans weren’t allowing customers to capture enough videos each month—especially during the trial period.

For example, the old Starter Plan used to include 5 new videos per month. On occasion, our customers would need to ask their participants to re-record their videos due to background noise, lighting issues, etc.

When this happened, that would already account for 2 (possibly even 3!) videos that month.

As you can imagine, this was incredibly limiting, so we wanted to make a positive change. We spent months re-structuring our platform to allow hosting and streaming your videos at a less expensive rate, so we’re passing the savings onto our customers!

The new plans are now available for everyone and existing customers have already received the upgrade.

We hope you love it!

Video Testimonial Success