October 16, 2013

Student Video Testimonials: 3 Helpful Ways To Maximize Your Campaign

Student Video Testimonials

What’s the top priority for your school’s marketing strategy? If it doesn’t include video testimonials with your students featured front and center, you have some adjustments to make.

Today’s students aren’t going to connect with scripted, stale video testimonials. When they’re exploring your website and social media accounts, they’ll probably gloss over testimonials that are written out. When they’re looking at potential schools, making a decision that will impact the rest of their lives, they’ll want to hear directly from other students. Until they visit in person, the content you put out on your website and social media platforms is the only glimpse potential students will get into life on campus.

Here are a few ways to make sure your video testimonials will ensure a great first impression:

Know what to ask

Students are excellent to work with while creating content because, generally speaking, they’re full of ideas, enthusiasm, and creativity. All of these things make for great video, but it’s important to remember to rein them in. A video testimonial that spends ten minutes jumping between how great the grounds are, to which washing machine to avoid in the laundry room isn’t as helpful as a video that has a clear focus.

Consider asking the following questions so the video will maintain its focus:

1. What initially interested you in attending this university?
2. How would you describe living on campus?
3. Which resources have been most helpful during your time here?
4. What are some of your favorite places to hang out on campus?

Notice that each question touches on a specific aspect of your university. Think about what you’d like to highlight about your school and form questions from there!

Who you want in your video testimonials

  • Students: This one goes without saying, but it’s important to know what you want from current students before you ask for a video testimonial. You’ll want to key points that will give perspective students a point of reference. Consider it a profile of your average student. These profiles can include information such as their program, life on campus, clubs or other affiliations around campus, and graduation. You can collect quite a few of these testimonials, ranging in program and other student demographics. Each video should be used to speak to a different student experience.
  • International students: These videos touch on a unique experience while providing some excitement to prospective students. Traveling to another country while attending school is a way for students to see new parts of the world, make friends, and immerse themselves in a different culture. Allow students to speak about their experiences so far, and what they’ve enjoyed most Also, if the student agrees to it, you can also film multiple videos, depending on how many languages they speak. If you feature videos in other languages, you can appeal to a broader audience while highlighting the amazing, educational opportunity.
  • Alumni: Testimonials featuring alumni can go a long way in easing fears. Whether it’s anxious parents or an unsure student, it’s always best to have videos of older, successful adults who can address any worries that might come up. You can ask how their time at school prepared them for life after graduation, or ask them to touch on the importance of the connections they made while in school. Selecting a school is a huge decision for parents and children, let alumni do some reassuring.

Don’t settle once you’ve collected a handful of videos. You should continue to ask for and share student video testimonials that reflect changes on campus. Whether it’s updating the student center or opening a new dorm – you’ll want prospective students to view videos that are up-to-date. Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can reach out to your upbeat and energetic students and see what they have to say!

Video Testimonial Success