July 2, 2014

The Best Customer Service Stories Reveal What Clients Really Want

Best Customer Service StoriesWhat do the best customer service stories have to teach us? A lot, if we look close enough.

Customer service is a bit of a nightmare for a lot of brands. Without a cohesive strategy and the right training, more than a few customers are going to have a rocky experience, which is the last thing you want happening. Our best customer service stories show us what’s important to our clients, which includes feeling listened to, a friendly attitude, and actually having the problem taken care of.

Attitude is key

What makes a great attitude? Friendly, upbeat. Ready and willing to help. It makes a huge difference in customer service. Keeping your team interested and invested in what they’re doing means rewarding and encouraging their performance behind the scenes. Without acknowledging a job well done, you’re letting your team start feeling unappreciated, which will show through in their work. Give them incentive to keep doing a great job, and you’ll continue seeing results.

Do clients feel listened to?

If you’ve ever had an issue that needs solving from someone else, a big concern is knowing that you’re being listened to and that the problem is taken seriously. An important part of that, from the customer service end, means asking questions to clarify the situation. When your team is faced with a problem, they should be asking follow up questions to make sure they understand the issue fully. A few simple questions can guarantee that the customer will come away understanding that your brand is committed to really helping and not just shoving their problem under the rug.

Wrapping up the exchange so everyone walks away feeling good

There are a lot of variables that can play out during a customer service exchange. For instance, there are the customers who will never be satisfied with the outcome, no matter what hoops your team jumps through. Others are disappointed with a glitch from your product, or a promise they feel that your brand didn’t keep. And in some cases it’s a matter of smoothing over a mistake another team member made.

No matter what the circumstance is, the outcome to shoot for is wrapping the exchange up so everyone can walk away feeling good about the resolution.

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