October 2, 2014

The Biggest Trends in Video Testimonial Stastics We’ve Seen This Year

Video Testimonial StatisticsWe spend a lot of time getting hit over the head with video testimonial statistics, and other proof that video’s capable of doing more and more with each passing year. The reason it’s still such a prominent topic of conversation is because not everyone’s on board yet.

I get it. Altering your strategy, or convincing your boss that it’s another step toward reaching consumers in an organic, efficient way, isn’t always easy. There’s nothing wrong with turning to what you know works for your brand. What is easy, is getting stuck in routine for the sake of sticking with routine.

Looking at video and how you can connect in new and exciting ways with consumers, can mean breaking out of that comfort zone with the immediate question being – is it worth the discomfort?

Based on the stats we’re seeing, video isn’t ready to start slowing down, and the trends we’re seeing deserve consideration as you craft your strategy. Here’s what the stats have to say:

Video testimonials increase sales by 600%

600% is nothing to scoff at, right? So, what is it about video testimonials that drives these results?

First, consider what video can do compared to text. Text testimonials have been the standard, allowing consumers to check in and see what their peers were saying. It’s become a common practice to check up on everything from restaurants to household produce reviews, just to make sure they’re investing wisely.

The problem with text is that it lacks the ability to really put a face to a name. Many brands have been caught red-handed putting up reviews on their own sites, which seriously underestimates how easily consumers can sniff out fake reviews. Unlike text, video testimonials shows real people who are willing to put their name, face, and time into supporting your product or service. The authenticity allows conversation to take place between consumers, with your facilitation, but without the salesy feel that can be a turnoff. Testimonials allow consumers to take stock of who you are, from another angle, one that’s beneficial to your brand when it comes time to weigh whether or not they’ll invest with you.

Web visitors stay twice as long on pages with video

Video testimonials, and the ease in which they gain trust and insight into your brand and what you do, aren’t the only video powerhouse out there. No matter how big or small your brand is, it’s pretty simple to begin collecting testimonials. As long as you have customers and a willingness to ask if they’d like to say a few things about your brand – you’re well on your way!

But there are many other types of video you can build into your strategy and use to paint a clearer picture for consumers who are just tuning in to who you are. Product demos, answering frequently asked questions, vlogging – all are different, unique ways of sharing information and keeping viewers interested in what you have to say, in ways that text can’t.

Video appears in 70% of 100 top search results

It’s no surprise that video dominates search results, considering how fast it’s taken off, and how many videos are viewed each day around the world. If you’re looking to up awareness around your brand (and who isn’t?) then incorporating video is one of your best bets. Like any strategy, it requires you doing your homework, and coming up with a plan that fits your audience and needs, something sustainable for you over the long-term.

Putting up one video isn’t going to bring about a surge of awareness surrounding your brand, but if you stick to creating content that’s relevant and fresh, your audience will respond. That response, which includes comments, sharing, and cross-posting, will allow you to improve your search engine ranking, making it easier for you to be found.

Video Testimonial Success