August 13, 2015

The Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Video Testimonial Scripts

The Do's and Don'ts for Creating Video Testimonial ScriptsTo script, or not to script? That is the question…

The words “authentic” and “script” don’t necessarily seem synonymous when it comes to user-generated videos, and many assume that scripting out what your customers should say is big no-no. 

Or is it?

Yes and no – it depends on your approach and what you want to get out of the videos. BUT, should you choose to provide a script for your customers to follow, there are a few conditions and considerations to keep in mind so you can steer clear of getting not-quite-so genuine results.  

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to video testimonial scripts:

DO give them the questions, but DON’T give them the answers

Don’t tell your customers what you want to hear word for word, since they’ll likely repeat your script verbatim. While you may think doing so can put some of your more camera-shy customers at ease, viewers can easily tell when it sounds and/or looks like someone’s reading from a piece of paper off to the side of the screen.

Give them the question, a brief description and let them do the talking. Remember, the most critical component in ensuring you receive quality video submissions depends largely on the question you ask. This is how you get those valuable insights from customers and establish credibility with prospects.

DO provide talking points to support your questions, but DON’T include sales-y buzzwords

Similar to how looking at a blank page and writing an essay can seem intimidating, so too can recording a video without a jumping off point. Help them get the ball rolling with a few key phrases to support your question and description.

For instance, when asking a question such as “Why would you recommend our product/service?“, you can include something in your description to support your question, like “What makes our product/service different/better than the rest (customer service, easy to use, etc.)?

However, be sure not to encourage customers to use words that don’t sound organic or natural, since these can appear forced. A phrase like “best deal ever” can be a red flag to the end user, so words like this shouldn’t be included in your script.

Remember, it’s all about the intention and approach. Your video testimonial script should always be a guideline used to provide the recorders with direction so they can speak about their experience in their own words – AND in their own way. 

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