May 8, 2014

The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Testimonial Interview Questions

Video Testimonial Interview QuestionsThe do’s and don’ts of video testimonial interview questions are pretty simple.

Mostly, it comes down to knowing how to work with people who aren’t used to speaking on camera in order to achieve great testimonials that feel natural to viewers. It’s a learning process for you as you’re getting started and the people you’re working with to receive the video.

Here’s how to make it happen!

Don’t: Ask, “Do you like our product/service?”
Do: Ask questions that require more than a yes/no response.

Testimonials work so well because consumers like to hear from one another. Instead of asking questions that receive a clipped, short response, consider asking questions that allow for some explanation.

Think up questions that touch on the specifics of what you do – what you’re best at, and why you’re the one that consumers need to turn to when they need your product/service.

Don’t: Expect a perfect testimonial each time
Do: Remember that people aren’t used to speaking on camera

Nerves get the best of us all at some point. Some people are better than others at speaking in person or on camera. No matter how great your questions are, it can feel weird to speak on camera if you’re not used to it, which is why it’s so important for you to remember that not every testimonial will knock it out of the park.

Weird lighting, odd background noise, and other mishaps happen. The great thing about testimonials as opposed to big budget video, is that consumers are way more forgiving of goof ups when they’re coming from one of their own.

Video Testimonial Success