December 11, 2013

The Success Behind Video Testimonial Conversion Rates

Video Testimonial Conversion Rates

You already know that a solid online marketing strategy relies on staying tuned in to consumers. There’s also buzz surrounding video testimonial conversion rates and what they can accomplish for your business.

What is it about these videos that have the power to seal the deal?

Here’s the secret:

Social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people look to the behavior of others to decide what is correct in their decision making process. It’s natural to look at the habits of those around us, making sure we’re not doing something out of the norm. This extends to wanting to know what others have bought, and whether our decision is a smart, socially accepted one.

This is advantageous for marketing purposes because consumers can be reassured in a variety of ways. From Facebook likes and shares, to positive Tweets – consumers are watching, checking out how fellow consumers react to product or services before they make their investment.

Instead of pouring obscene amounts of money into campaigns meant to craft a careful image, brands are now at the mercy of consumers and the opinions they hold about products and services. Scary? Not really. It just means you’ll need to be on your toes, do more to anticipate what their wants and needs are, and make sure they know that you value them as part of the conversation. Consumers now control the conversation surrounding the brands they frequent, which is how video testimonials will come to your aid.

How video testimonials are doing the most

Video testimonials provide a name, face, and voice for your brand. The key thing is that the voice isn’t coming from you.As consumers lead conversations about where their money is going, they don’t want you to explain what your product or service can do for them. It’s been proven that consumer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than the professional marketing efforts your brand puts out.They’ve heard those pitches before, and they aren’t nearly as effective as video testimonials from other consumers.

According to Social Media Today, over 90% of consumers agreed that video was a factor in their purchasing decision. These video testimonials aren’t just powering conversions, but also keeping consumers on your site. Rather than clicking away, they take the time to look around, perhaps even making a larger purchase, or building more trust in your brand as they spend time getting to know what you’re about.

As always, the key to using video testimonials to increase conversions is the content of the testimonial. If you’re relying on actors, or even worse – your own team members to provide them, you’ll do way more harm then good. Consumers look at body language, facial expressions, and can determine whether or not they’re looking at a fellow consumer who believes in your brand. If you take shortcuts and rely on your own team members, or fake testimonials, conversions will suffer.

Keep it genuine. Use the relationships you develop with clients to leverage testimonials. Remember, consumers are the ones doing the talking. It’s up to your brand to facilitate the conversation, and watch the results unfold.

Video Testimonial Success