August 21, 2014

The Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas That Get Results

Word of Mouth Marketing IdeasWhat’s behind the success of word of mouth marketing? There are several key word of mouth marketing ideas that are responsible, components that together influence the buzz around your brand.

How to get started

The easiest way to get people talking? Ask. Bring consumers into the conversation as equals, whose opinions matter, and they’ll walk away feeling good about being heard while being treated like an insider.

Addressing the fear of negative feedback

One of the biggest fears about this type of marketing is the negativity that might come up. If you have concerns about opening the floodgates to some serious negativity, consider why. If you’re at your absolute best with customer service, and operate your brand ethically, and with customer experience at the forefront of your priorities – you shouldn’t have a problem, right?

Any fears about amplifying negativity have more to do with concerns about the way your brand is being run, than with the misconception that people are more likely to share negativity than their positive experiences.

Make customer service a priority

If you want happy, thrilled word of mouth – you’re going to need to keep the focus on customer service. Getting people to like and trust your brand isn’t as easy as pulling off a few solid campaigns. It means that you’re going to need to prioritize the interactions you have, and commit to making customers feel good about those interactions, and getting the job done.

Many brands out there aren’t on top of their customer service, and you can tell, whether you work with them directly, or hear about it. If you can break the mold and surprise customers with how well you take care of their needs, they’re definitely more likely to not only stick with your brand, but go out and tell others about it.

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