Tips For Successful Content Marketing With Video

Content Marketing With VideoHow to go about content marketing with video
The greatest thing about working with video is its diversity. When you're trying to reach your audience, there are only so many text posts you can use to get your point across before it gets repetitive, sometimes spammy. With video, you can play with message, audience, and tone to build awareness and solidify your relationship with consumers.
Invite customers into the conversation with video testimonials
Bring consumers in on the conversation about your brand. The people using product or service over a period of time are going to have a lot to say. Give them a platform to talk about their loyalty to your brand, what sets you apart from competition and keeps them coming back. Not only will they like that they're being heard - but other consumers are going to appreciate haring from someone they relate to, which will make them more likely to trust what they're hearing about your brand.
Tutorials are useful for your audience and give you the chance to show off what you know
A lot of people turn to tutorials when they need a how-to video for whatever project they're working on. It's easier than ever to look them up and get a little help from an expert. Unlike other video that'll feature your product or service front and center, tutorials are meant to establish your brand as one with authority and knowledge on the subject matter. These videos are known to do well in search results, which means they're popular and are actively being searched for. So, why not position your brand to fill that need?
Provide an inside peek with a video about company culture
Customers love getting a glimpse at what happens behind the scenes with their favorite brands. Give the people what they want! Introduce them to your team, talk about what's driving everyone's passion. Above all else, get creative. This type of video is pretty common, so you're going to want to stand out.
Show off your product
Offering product demos and other close looks at your product increase consumer confidence about their investment. When they go online to look up a product, they'll check out all the information you have to offer, including demos. You want to make sure you're providing a thorough look at what you have to offer because consumers are hungry for knowledge!
General tips for incorporating video
Keep your message consistent. A lot of bigger brands go for shock value with their video. While it can be an okay way to catch attention, it's not going to accomplish much if it doesn't match up with your brand's image or message. You should have a tone and overall message in mind that can be found in each of your videos. Consumers will absolutely pick up on inconsistencies and will be turned off by the perceived lack of clear identity. Don't be tempted to wander down that path for the sake of a few extra shock value views. Use different types of video. Instead of using only testimonials, you're better off with a little of each. Each serves its own purpose. Testimonials provide social proof that you're worth the investment, tutorials are educational, product demos are informative - and so on! Sticking with one type of video isn't much of a long term strategy. Instead, consider starting out with what you're comfortable with. You don't have to begin producing 100 videos a week. Understand what you can do, realistically, and build your strategy with gradual growth in mind.